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Unlock Bootloader Of Vivo Devices With Two Different Methods

If you really want unlock bootloader of vivo devices then you are at right place, I will tell you all the steps to unlockboot loader of vivo devices. I know that lots of vivo user struggling to root their vivo devices. There are lots of tips and tutorial regarding to unlock bootloader but mostly still not working.

After deeply searching about the vivo bootloader and rooting, some of the developers modified there bootloader to used a different command for that and I have found a method that is really worked for me, so I am going to share that method which have I used on my vivo device.

So without wasting time let’s get started to unlock bootloader of vivo devices.

Why need to unlock Bootloades ?

Answer is when someone want to increase the performance, accessibility, access all the permission, customise by own knowledge, installing custom ROMs, access root permission etc.

this method tested on 1. Vivo X-Play 6 2. Vivo Y53 3. Vivo Y51L 4. Vivo Y21L 5. Vivo X9 (there are some problems) 6. Go, Unlock & add a new device here 🙂

1. If you unlock bootloader then you are void warranty of vivo device.
2. We are not responsible for Any damages.
3. This method only for those devices which is listed above.

Before starting you need to fulfill some basic requirements.

  • Take full backup of Devices.
  • Install Vivo USB drivers on your Computer.
  • Turn on USB debugging in you devices.
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Enable OEM
  • Install vivo official drivers

Unlock Bootloader of all vivo devices Method 1 :-

Need to download required file which is listed below:

How to enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking

There are few steps to enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking

  1. First of all search Setting option and open it, then scroll down and find and open about option.
  2. Now in about option scroll down again and search build number, tap 7 times on build number and enable Developer Option.
  3. Now go back in main setting page and scroll down at the bottom, open Developer Option.
  4. Enable Developer Option, USB debugging, OEM unlocking and also enable Advance Reboot Option.

Now you are ready to unlock bootloader, so without wasting time lets dive into in

Steps to Unlock Bootloader of vivo devices:

  1. After the completion of enabling USB debugging, just turn off your device.
  2. Now, turn on your device into fastboot mode by pressing of “Power button + Volume Plus” press both key simultaneously.

    unlock bootloader vivo 1

    unlock bootloader vivo 1

  3. Connect your vivo device via standard USB cable.
  4. Here you need to extract downloaded file and open extracted folder.
  5. In the extracted folder, you need to open “Terminal/Command Prompt”

    unlock bootloader vivo sudo .fastboot bbk unlock_vivo

    unlock bootloader vivo sudo .fastboot bbk unlock_viv

For windows, search cmd and open it

For linux, press ctrl+alt+T

  1. Follow command for windows

For windows, type “fastboot bbk unlock_vivo

For linux, “sudo ./fastboot bbk unlock_vivo”

Happy androiding my folks, now you can able to root you vivo devices.

unlock bootloader vivo 3

unlock bootloader vivo 3

Unlock Bootloader of all vivo devices Method 2 :-

I had another way to unlock bootloader of vivo devices, if the method 1 is suitable for your device then just follow another method.

Need to download required file which is listed below:

Just follow these steps

  1. First of all you need to extract BLUnlocker v1 Second you need to install Qualcomm USB drivers for QDLoader 9008 mode.
  2. Now turn off you phone and again boot it into fastboot mode by pressing of “Power button + Volume Plus” press both key simultaneously.
  3. Here you have to extract firehose file and place it into the current directory.
  4. Now, you have to check port number of your device which is connected to windows device manager. It is look like COM
  5. Now just double clock on “dump-devinfo.bat” file
  6. Just enter port number and press enter.
  7. No we need to edit devinfo.img using of HxD Hex editor. Video is posted below.
  8. At the end, just double click on “unlock.bat”

Final Virdict

Here is all about unlock bootloader of vivo devices, if you had and question about this post, then just let me know in to the comment section. I hope you like this post.

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