How Videos Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Strategy At Times of Covid19


The coronavirus pandemic has brought forth a myriad of changes in the world around. Among them, a change in the consumer perspective is observed. People who were skeptical about the adoption of technology have embraced it with open arms.

Higher internet penetration and social distancing protocols have led people to use social media all the way more to connect with the families. While doing so, people prefer to skip long lines of text and rather rely on video. In fact, video consumption on the internet today is higher than ever before.

In such a situation, brands that have video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy are much more likely to get the attention of the target audience. In this article, we will discuss how your organization can effectively use video marketing strategies to have the upper hand in the fiercely competitive world of marketing.

Outline Your Goal

As much as the popularity of videos is growing by the day, you will be surprised to learn that a good fraction of video marketing campaigns ends up being discontinued midway. To ensure that such a thing does not happen to you, chalk out a clear goal of the things you want to achieve with the video campaign.

While some videos aim at achieving customer engagement, others are designed to attract potential customers. Once you have the goal set, set your expectations on the type of response you are expecting from the viewers. Due to the pandemic, the average consumer demand is down, and you need to keep that in mind while setting your expectations.

It is a good practice to have measurable parameters (number of views or likes, number of people who followed the link in the video description to visit your product website, etc.) to keep track of the video performance. Once you have the goal and all such parameters ready, you may use VideoCreek to come up with a video of your choice.

Stand Apart from the Crowd

As video consumption has increased, so has the video availability. Today, almost every brand is trying its hand at video marketing. Sadly, most of them are taking a similar approach, and customers are fed up with monotonous content (that either asks them to take care of their health and safety or assures the viewer that the brand is doing the same).

The best way to stand out in the crowd is to give the viewer valuable content. Try to create videos on industry-relevant topics that will help educate the viewer on an interesting subject. You can also choose to go creative and have engaging videos.

If your video is all about your business goal, it will only serve you, and the viewer will get irritated. Instead, by giving a meaningful viewing experience to potential customers, you will ensure a higher return on investment for your brand.

Be Authentic in your Videos

As a brand, you need to create videos that reflect the brand’s identity. This will help people get familiar with your brand and choose over other competitors when making a purchase. Do not try to mimic a concept just because it is in vogue. Something that works for other brands may not work for you and vice versa.

A very good example in this regard is that of Mastercard. Each video ad tells a beautiful story that revolves around the fact that certain things cannot be bought by money, and Mastercard caters to everything else. The beautifully scripted advertisements bring a lump on the viewer’s throat and make them connect with the brand.

To ensure that your video marketing campaign strikes a chord with the audience, create an ad that feels like your brand. You do not necessarily need to mention your brand name. If you can make such an authentic ad, people will like and share your video with their peers without any extra effort on your part.

Keep your Videos Interactive

One of the best ways of catching the attention of the audience is by giving them what they want. Through your social media page, try to get public feedback on the type of video that they want you to make. You can also host live sessions on Facebook or Instagram and use that to interact directly with potential customers.

Also, understand that an average consumer today wants to know reviews about a product or service before making a purchase. Thus, if you have customers who are satisfied with your service, you can loop them in for video testimonials. Such acts will help you attract potential customers.

Do not Ignore the Mobile Consumer

As of July 2020, 67.11% of the global population has a mobile phone of their own. While a major chunk of your target group may have access to multiple electronic devices, chances are they prefer to use their mobile phones to watch videos. As someone looking to work on your company’s video marketing strategy, you must realize that videos shot in portrait mode come off much better when viewed on a mobile phone.

You may either choose to shoot your videos in portrait mode or have multiple videos shot for the same ad. The later may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, but you will be amazed to see the results. The average viewer today has much lesser patience than one in the past.

In such a situation, ensuring things like comfortable video viewing, faster website loading time, and high-quality pictures and audio will go a long way in earning the trust of the viewer. Moreover, you will find several free video making tools over the internet. And with an ad creator, you should be able to create multiple videos in a short period.

In this highly volatile business environment, brands that adapt to the change are more likely to sail through the tide. As you gear up your digital strategies to fight the marketing war of the pandemic, the points discussed in this article will provide you the required ammunition.

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