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Many times we need privacy. Do we care about what you are concealing, no. Here in this article we will go over how to hide files, photos, and folders on Android devices without any Applications.

Despite the fact that your smartphone is your personal property, you may be forced to surrender it to your parents, friends, or even a stranger for a variety of reasons. If that individual is interested in you or your phone, he or she will look through it thoroughly. As a result, it’s critical to keep files and directories that you don’t want others to see hidden.

You can simply achieve this by downloading and installing a third-party program, as there are several apps for masking data on Android in the Play Store. But what if you’re unsure about third-party apps or don’t have enough storage space on your phone to install one? Remember that this app can arouse suspicion and interest in the minds of others.

So it’s absolutely not the best technique to keep your information hidden from others. But did you know there’s another method to go about it? It’s quite simple. You can conceal and unhide your data at any time by just following a few simple steps. There will be no storage space lost. Others will not be skeptical of you and will be interested in learning more about you. Let’s go over each step one by one.


Steps to Hide Photos, Files, and Folders on Your Android Device

Method 1: Using the .nomedia strategy on your Android Device to hide your photos, files, and folders.

This method entails just placing a “.nomedia” file in the folder containing the files to be hidden. As a result, the folder containing the “.nomedia” file will be hidden from view in the gallery.

So, what exactly is a “nomedia” file? — A “nomedia” file is just a file with the extension “.nomedia”, similar to how video files have the extensions “.3gp”, “.mp4′′, or “.mkv”.

  1. In File Manager, move the files you want to hide into a newly created folder, scroll below to see instructions.  This time, add one more meaningless image to the mix. Here you can see an extra image file called “blaa file.jpg” that contains files that I want to hide.

2. We will build our “nomedia” file in this step. Rename the undesirable file to “.nomedia” now.

Don’t forget to remove the whole name as well as the extension. Also, keep it. Now File Manager will ask if you want to change the file extension. Click “OK.” Take a look at the sample below. I renamed my undesirable file from “blaa file.jpg” to “.nomedia.”


3. Now that you’ve successfully hidden your files from the gallery, go ahead and double-check.

Reboot your device if files are still displayed there. If you wish to see your files again, simply rename the “.nomedia” file to an other file extension or remove it.


Method 2: Using the dedicated Android File Manager to Hide Files, Photos, and Folders on your Android Device.

Here, we use a Samsung Mobile Device to test but you can utilize this method on all Android OS Devices.

  1. Open file manager app
  2. In Galaxy Note go inside the folder named “Internal storage” in the file manager app.
  3. Then tap on the three dots on the top-right corner.
  4. Tap on the “Create folder” option in the opened menu.
  5. Give any name and click “Create.”
  6. Move all the files that you want to hide into this folder.
  7. Rename the folder putting a dot (.) at the beginning of the folder name.E.g. If your folder name is “HiddenFolder,” then rename it to. “ “.HiddenFolder”.
    Now your folder is hidden.

How to Access Hidden Photos, Files, and Folders on Android?

How do i access the hidden photos, files, and folders on Android Devices?

  1. Open file manager app
  2. Tap on 3 dots on the top-right corner
  3. Tap on the “Settings” option in the opened menu
  4. Tap on the “Show hidden filesNow you can see your hidden folder and access its content.


Conclusion: By doing so, you may preserve your privacy and hide your data from others. This is a simple and risk-free way to try.

Note: If you have the most recent Android phone, you should skip these instructions. Because the most recent Android phones come with a built-in hidden folder capability.

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