How to Check AirPods battery on Android




How to Check AirPods battery on Android

Checking the battery life of AirPods on Android requires more work than Apple products. AirPods are wireless earplugs designed specially for iPhone/ Apple ecosystem. These are designed and released in the market on December 13, 2016. Airpods supports to keep in connect with apple phone free of hand. With a smooth voice, AirPods also filter out the background noise. Airpods provide high quality and unparalleled smooth listening.

As AirPods are designed for Apple devices so it a little bit difficult to connect AirPods with Android devices, but it is possible to connect AirPods with android as these work better than Bluetooth earbuds. Even we can find out the battery level of air pods on android by using different strategies as following.

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Check AirPods battery on Android via Third-Party Applications.

In order to check AirPods battery levels on Anroid, you will need to install third-party applications to interact with the Apple Product.


1- Assistant Trigger App

It is an app that can be used to activate google assistant just like Siri activation when apple devices are connected to iOS. Through a double-tap Assistant Trigger will be provoked for AirPods and the battery level will be visible on the notification bar. Assistant trigger app will help you check AirPods battery level this way.


2- AirBuds Popup App

It’s the simplest and easy app to handle both androids and AirPods.It shows battery level through a notification bar or on screen. Sign notification feature of Airbud is premium. To notify that whether you are wearing AirPods is not is also an important feature of AirBuds.


3- Droidpods App

It is an app with amazing features to detect the battery level of AirPods as well as make sure to send an alert notification when the battery level of AirPods going to be low as 10%.

But the only drawback of this app is that it is not free to use. To use this app it must be purchased for almost around 2 to 3$.


4-AirBattery App

It’s a free app easily available on the play store. After downloading this app, the AirPods battery will be displayed and get notified on an Android device you may use same as shown on iPhone/iPod.



Installation Process to Check AirPods Battery Levels:

Simply move on play store. Tap in the search bar as” Air battery”.Make sure to install that was developed by Georg Friedrich. After installation, connect your AirPods with an Android device. Open the lid of the AirPods charging case. After this, you will see a pop on your device, and the battery level of both AirPods will be displayed on the screen.

Here is also a drawback of this app that for pop up its more features need to pay as a premium.

Secondly, the AirBattery app will display battery level only when both of the AirPods will be in charging case.


Checkout Paid Features

For the pro version of the app, you have to pay a little amount. Battery display through a notification is a free feature. But to remove out the ads go to the paid pro version, pay for it and move back to the app. After that, you can on or off the notifications with your own will.

Note: AirPods battery will be detectable only when AirPods are paired and must be in charging case when you want to check the battery level. Put AirPods in the AirPod charging case and then check battery level from your phone through your respective device.


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