How Can This AI Powered Video Editor Help You Scale Video Marketing?


InVideo has emerged as a crucial element for ranking your content on the search engine result page (SERP). In addition to boosting your SEO efforts, it also enhances conversion and increases sales. All in all, it is a single-stop solution to rake in more revenue and get the desired results for all your campaigns.

As your business starts to flourish and grow, your video marketing strategies must also scale accordingly. Thus, if you are looking for a software application that supports these efforts, you need to go beyond searching for an outro maker or an intro maker. You need a powerful application that can meet all your video creation requirements.

What you need is InVideo!

Let’s take a look at how this AI-powered video creator can help.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video editing tool that helps you create captivating video content for various platforms. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to match up templates and categories for creators, depending on their preferences. As a result, InVideo carries out much of the legwork under the hood, and you are left with the perfect combination of various elements to which you add the creative inputs and realize your video content!

The sheer simplicity and efficiency of the platform contribute to the usability of the tool. Hence, it comes as no surprise that several news and media agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs use it to generate marketing videos and meet their goals.

Pricing and Notable Features

InVideo offers a free trial to those curious about checking out the product. At the same time, individuals and small businesses can make use of the free plan that grants the entire set of editing features. The free plan allows you to export up to 60 videos per month with the InVideo watermark.

However, if you are serious about marketing your brand through videos, you may consider purchasing a subscription to the service. InVideo offers Business and Unlimited Plans to its users. Here’s a quick comparison of the two:

Business – $10 per month

Unlimited – $30 per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of InVideo

Like any product, InVideo has its fair share of highs and lows. Following are some of the benefits of using InVideo:

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface. Plus, user support through templates makes it easier to produce your video content in record time.
  • It allows you to create 1080p, high-quality videos to woo your audiences.
  • You can create and edit your videos online or can install the InVideo app on your Windows or macOS device.
  • Access to a wealth of media repositories containing free to use audio and video clips, stock images, and background scores.
  • Expansive libraries that contain built-in stickers, filters, and text animations to make your videos unique.
  • Absolute control over the look and feel of your video content to resonate with your brand voice.
  • Features that allow you to incorporate tweets and posts within your video.
  • In addition to the library elements, you can also add your own images, audio, and video in the production.
  • Active customer support with live chat offerings. Further, the platform contains several informative tutorials and guides for those who prefer the self-help model.

On the other hand, here are a few limitations of InVideo:

  • If you are using the web-based InVideo platform, you need to be online to access your creation.
  • Exporting or previewing your content may take a while, especially if you do not have a stable internet connection.

InVideo and Scalability

When you think of long-term growth, you would want an application that can complement the business expansion while handling an increase in demand. Having to switch tools increases the time involved in getting accustomed to the change. 

Wondering how InVideo can address the scalability issues? Here’s are a few considerations:

  • InVideo is compatible with several social media platforms. Hence, if you wish to switch over from Instagram to YouTube or Facebook to Instagram, you can continue using InVideo for producing the video content.
  • It supports the creation of a variety of content types, which will make it easier to produce different videos for different phases of your sales and marketing efforts. So irrespective of your marketing goals, you can create a video for everything!
  • The AI-powered platform simplifies video production, thereby, leaving you time to focus on your core business processes. Despite the AI-powered suggestions, InVideo offers enough flexibility for you to make the video personalized.
  • InVideo offers constant updates to the libraries which grant more option and choice to the video creator.
  • The Business and Unlimited versions of the app offer unlimited access to team members, which makes it easier for your employees to collaborate.
  • InVideo users applaud the platform for its proactive customer-centric approach. These reviews indicate that the InVideo team is constantly incorporating changes to meet their client expectations.

Most importantly, you can always opt-in for the paid subscription to enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of services. The affordable pricing structure makes it a steal deal!

Final Thoughts

If you have been using video marketing to boost your brand, then you may already be aware of the handsome ROI that it can offer your business. InVideo allows you to create high-quality, brand-centric videos that will attract a wider audience. The AI-powered platform makes it easier to create engaging videos in a matter of minutes! At the same time, you can use it to maintain brand consistency.

Finally, it is compatible with major social media platforms with built-in ratio and quality suggestions for each video type. This fact, along with its attractive pricing, makes it the perfect solution for any business’s video-making needs.

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