Hard Reset Vivo iQOO Neo 855


Here is the complete guide about How to Hard Reset Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Android phone without password or pattern lock. Also, provide factory reset from settings method and unlock with Android multi-tools software for free.

If you forgot your mobile password or PIN, here you can easily unlock your smartphone.

Hard Reset deletes all your device data

What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset is a process of formatting or wiping all data (Photos, Contacts, and apps, etc) on any electronic device (Mobiles, routers, and TVs, etc). You will not recover any data after resetting your device.

Factory reset will fix a number of issues. You can speed up your device, remove the virus which causing malfunctions, and free up space, etc.

Hard Reset with Recovery Mode

  • First, Switch off your Vivo iQOO Neo 855 mobile, by holding the power button.
  • After that, Hold down the
    • Volume Up + Power Button
  • When you see the Fastboot screen, release all the buttons.
  • Afterward, you will see the Recovery menu.
  • Next, Select the Clear Data option.
  • Afterward, Choose Clear All Data option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power button.
  • After that, Choose Confirm option.
  • Select Return and Choose Reboot.
  • Once that is done, select the option to Reboot to System or Reboot system now.
  • Wait for a while to complete the reboot process.
  • Well done, You are successfully Hard Reset your Vivo Mobile.

Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Factory Reset

You need a password or PIN to reset with this method. This method also wipes all your Vivo phone data permanently. You will not recover your data after reset.

So backup all your Vivo iQOO Neo 855 mobile data (Media files, apps, and contacts, etc) before reset.

How to Factory Reset your Vivo Mobile

  • First, Switch On your Vivo mobile, by holding the power button.
  • Tap the Settings icon from your home screen or app drawer.
  • Afterward, Choose More settings option.
  • From the list, Find and select Backup and Reset.
  • Now Select Erase all data option.
  • From there, tap on Erase everything.
  • After that, Choose option Reset phone.
  • Well done, You are successfully Reset your Vivo Mobile.

Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Unlock with Google Find My Device

You can also unlock your Vivo iQOO Neo 855 mobile with Google Find my device (Android Device manager). This method also deletes all your Android phone data.

This is the best method to reset your Android phone remotely. This method useful when you lose your phone or not able to access your mobile.

You can only use this method if you already added Gmail account to your phone and having an active internet connection.

  • Take another PC or phone and open any browser.
  • After that, visit Google Find My Device.
  • Sign in using the Google login credentials which are used on your phone.
  • After login, There will be three different options Play Sound, Secure device and Erase device.
Google Find My Device
  • Now Click on Erase device option.
  • Afterward, you will see Erase all data menu.
  • Then tap on the Erase option.
  • Well done, You are successfully Reset your Vivo Mobile.

Unlock Vivo iQOO Neo 855 with Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is a small utility to Unlock and Reset any Android phone without any Password or PIN. You can also Wipe data (Media files, Contacts, and Apps, etc) on your Android phone.

Android Multi Tools support Windows 10, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7, XP and Vista. And also check Software and Hardware info of your Android mobile with Android Multi Tools.

Features of Android Multi Tools

  • Display android device information like android versions and IMEI etc.
  • Reset Face or PIN lock when forgot the password.
  • Reset face or Gesture Lock without password.
  • Reset Gmail account.
  • Wipe all Android data like media files, photos, and apps, etc.
  • Reboot android device to fix slow down issues.
  • Wipe data or cache on fastboot mode.
  • Check software info of android device.
  • Check hardware info of android phone.
Android Multi Tools V1.02b

Unlock Vivo iQOO Neo 855 with Multi Tools

  • First, download Android Multitools.
  • Then open Android Multi Tools v1.02b gsmforum in the downloaded folder.
  • Then connect your mobile to computer.
  • Then type 2 or 3 to reset password or pin.
  • After that, wait for a while.
  • Your device will be unlocked and rebooted automatically.

Here you can download and install Android multi-tools for free. Check out below link.

Download Android Multi Tools

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