Best 5 Android Tablet Free Games (2021)


Top 5 Android Games for Mobile & Tablet

For the ordinary gamer, an Android tablet makes life much easier. You may play your favorite games wherever you are these days. Allow us to recommend the finest games for your Android tablet while you ignore your surroundings and alienate your pals. We listed the top Android Tablet games in this article which you can download and play for free.

Why should you use a tablet to play Android games?

It’s no secret that smartphones have lately surpassed the computing capability of PCs. There are a plethora of excellent games that run smoothly on modern Android smartphones. Even some AAA games have mobile counterparts that look and play just as well. Is the same true for the tablets, though? Tablets can be thought of as larger versions of smartphones. They have a larger screen and a greater resolution.


They also boast a higher aspect ratio than the vast majority of phones, resulting in a more detailed and well-rendered image. Despite the fact that phone screens have grown significantly in recent years, some mobile games may still not be able to meet the demands they place on players. Tablets, on the other hand, are capable. Despite having lower specifications than smartphones, they are usually sufficient to run even the most demanding mobile games.


Is it possible to play games on an Android tablet?

It is dependent on a number of factors. For example, if you have an older model with only 1 or 2 GB of RAM and a low-end CPU, you might not be able to play most of the demanding games on Google Play. It can still run a lot of games, but they will stutter and lag. Tablets that are a little better should run more smoothly and provide a consistent experience and performance. As previously stated, it features a larger and crisper screen, which may make it superior to a smartphone or other mobile devices. Furthermore, larger screens offer greater viewing angles, allowing gamers to focus more on the game while completing tasks and missions.


Tablets can also be more sensitive and have superior navigation. Players will be able to focus on the game more easily if buttons and other items on the screen that call for certain actions are larger. They will not have to press several times. In addition, if you’re playing a shooter game, a tablet may help you aim more accurately.


Here are the Top 5 Android Games available for Free Download on Google Play Store

1. Asphalt 9: Legends – Epic Car Action Racing Game

Asphalt games are the free Android Need for Speed equivalent of games, and some of the most popular games for Android. Another great option is also Asphalt 8: Airborne as well as Asphalt Xtreme. This particular game praises itself for using 50 new cars and immerses players into new challenges. Players can compete with others in online multiplayer games, but also practice in the single-player modes.

Given it’s an auto-go mechanism, the player can’t control the acceleration. It’s great graphics and it works great on a bigger screen. There are also a lot of in-app purchases, but some of them are skippable if you’re willing to grind.


2.  Dragon Ball Legends Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP


If you like anime, you probably grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and playing some of the most popular console games. Dragon Ball Legends is the king of DBZ Android games, with plenty of action, adventure, and battle. As you continue through the game, you’ll be able to select different characters and earn new skills. The mechanics are simple to grasp. To make different combos, move and evade your opponents, all you have to do is tap and swipe.

This game features an online PvP option in addition to a superb PvE option, allowing you to quickly practice with other players and fight against individuals from all over the world.


3. Alto’s Odyssey

The graphics in Alto’s Odyssey are a testament to the beauty of Android gaming. What is the mechanism behind it? Its simple and obvious principles revolve upon characters snowboarding down a hill while avoiding and jumping over large obstacles.

The game allows for a great deal of personalization in order to provide the most unique experience possible. However, while being easy, this game depends more on its aesthetics; there is a lot of gradient and great textures. The in-app purchases aren’t required for gameplay, but they do help with customization.


4. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and CO-OP Shooting Game

Shadowgun Legends, which combines the FPS experience with an RPG atmosphere, is another game that allows for a lot of shooting action. Instead of fighting other players, you must fight aliens in this game. There are a variety of activities in the game, including bars, businesses, casinos, and a diverse cast of personalities who will expand your experience through various tasks and tasks.

Each task allows you to loot different gear, sell it, and replace it with better gear to match your character. Missions will also allow you to improve your talents and establish a positive reputation. There includes multiplayer co-op tasks as well as a PvP arena in addition to PvE activities.



PUBG Mobile allows players to immerse themselves in the Battle Royale universe and compete for survival against 99 other players who share your goals. The game’s disadvantage is that the mechanics are difficult to grasp and require a long time to master. You can select from a variety of guns and other equipment, as well as vehicles. The playing maps are massive, and they’re all affected by weather and daily cycles.

If you can connect with your buddies, you can also play duet and four-person games. While this game works well on most platforms, it may require a high-end tablet to play.



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